Organic Waste Treatment

Convertus Group’s Sustainability & Cost Reduction Program

  • Location
    Ontario, Canada
  • Global Adjustment Class
    A Class
  • Program
    Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI)

As a full-service provider that treats and recycles organic waste across Ontario, the Convertus Group team empowers communities to give waste resources new life by providing innovative waste management and treatment services. In many communities, they are responsible for managing household waste, which comes to them through community green bin programs and transforms compost waste into products that support sustainable communities.

Convertus’ unique ‘closed loop’ business model inspires communities to develop a sustainable future through innovative waste management. This is driven by a passion for conserving and recycling precious natural resources.

Our primary motivations for connecting with Active Business Services were the increasing costs associated with operations due to rising energy rates, and that Active’s values aligned with our own. At the end of the day, financial benefits are great but we also want to work with organizations that share our core values and beliefs.

Kevin Reilly (CPA, CA) Director of Finance at Convertus Group

The Challenge

Before partnering with  Active Business Services (ABS), Convertus Group could not mitigate the uncontrollable rising Global Adjustment costs on their electricity invoices. In 2021, in response to rising energy costs, Convertus partnered with ABS to leverage the benefits of the Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI).

This collaboration aimed to significantly decrease electricity costs by up to 70%, while concurrently enhancing operational efficiency and sustainability.

The Solution

By leveraging insights into energy consumption patterns and peak demand, Active Business Services (ABS) helped Convertus proactively take control of their Global Adjustment costs that were previously uncontrollable and continuously increasing.

Through peak notification services and load response strategies, the ABS Global Adjustment Optimization Program empowered Convertus to efficiently curtail their usage during the top 5 peak events.

This also helped Convertus to lower theirGreenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, and ultimately achieve significant cost savings. Active Business Services’ expertise in this field provided Convertus the tools they needed to navigate the complexities of energy management and contribute to a more sustainable future.


The Result

65% Saved on Global Adjustment costs within the first year

78% Reduction in Global Adjustment costs by year 2

Armed with new strategies, Convertus was able to successfully respond to peak notifications, resulting in a 78% reduction in 2022 Global Adjustment costs.

“With Active Business Services’ expertise to help simplify the energy landscape, we have experienced impressive results,” said Reilly. “Within the first year of partnering with Active, we managed to save over 65% of our total Global Adjustment expenditures.

Their innovative solutions and strategies have allowed us to optimize our energy consumption and reduce costs significantly.

We were impressed by their commitment to sustainability and their ability to curtail our expenses while maintaining operational efficiency. In our upcoming second year, we experienced even greater results – unlocking an additional 13% in savings, reducing our Global Adjustment costs by 78% in less than 2 years!”

Advancing sustainability, together

Convertus is seeing positive results from the program beyond financial. Results have influenced team satisfaction with employees creating an internal program designed to further curtail energy usage. Teams are incentivized to lower energy usage during the five peak periods, and plan operations and shifts around peak energy times. Targets encourage teams to surpass rates from prior years, further increasing team efforts.
“Active Business Services seems to be an extension of what we already do,” said Reilly. “We care about our communities, we believe in our team and we are committed to solving problems and improving the way we operate by challenging our own thinking to ensure continual improvement through creativity. We divert green bin waste and yard waste from landfills where it would become GHG to create compost.”

Convertus Group’s journey towards energy cost reduction and operational sustainability with Active Business Services has not only led to remarkable cost savings but also reinforced their commitment to environmental stewardship and community empowerment.

With a culture of sustainability within their organization, Convertus successfully drives their teams to embrace energy-saving initiatives and surpass prior benchmarks. As they move forward, Convertus remains committed to advancing sustainability with Active Business Services – inspired by the positive impact they are making in boosting their operational efficiency, environmental targets, and, most importantly, our communities. Together, we continue to divert waste from landfills, reduce GHG emissions, and work towards a greener, more sustainable future.