Ontario Wholesale Energy

Focus on Energy Management

There are numerous ways for Ontario businesses to save money on wholesale energy prices. Cost savings can be achieved through energy management and optimization strategies. By carefully monitoring and controlling energy use, decreases in overall costs can be realized without sacrificing operations.

ontario wholesale energy

Canada natural gas is seeing increased demand

With exports to the United States now reaching three-year highs, Canadian producers are increasing drilling and capital expenditures. Globally, prices have reached multi-year highs, particularly since demand in Asia has been unparalleled and the stockpile in Europe quite low. Utilities around the world are engaged in stiff competition for liquified natural gas exports.

Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) harnesses data in bid for grid reliability

IESO’s Market Renewal Program is a multi-year plan for the redesign of Ontario’s electricity market. Launched in 2016, the system is set to increase efficiency, transparency, and reliability of the entire sector, with two primary objectives for the last five years: increasing energy and capacity. The redesign is aimed at providing a more stable and reliable electricity supply – and at a better price for end-users. Once the program is fully implemented, the market price at any given time or location will better reflect the real value of the energy being generated and consumed.

Let Us Help You Understand Your Energy Needs

If you feel your energy needs are not being met, or are simply interested in getting a second opinion, take advantage of our complimentary energy assessment.

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