Ontario Hydro Rates

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Ontario Hydro Rates

Hydropower is the only renewable kind of baseload electricity, which makes it pivotal for the transition away from fossil fuels It is a guidestone of the electricity system, a stabilizing force to the grid and storage from both
pumped storage and from reservoirs. Waterpower provides more than 60% of Canada’s total current electricity, which makes it the fourth largest generator of hydroelectricity in the world. Additionally, Canada has a multitude of
untapped hydropower resources available.

A few other factors play into making hydropower important to Ontario and to greater Canada:

Low Carbon Energy

Critical Grid Services

Abundance of Storage Options

Grid operation is a daily balancing act between supply and demand of the day with variability in electricity generated and energy consumed by millions of customers, which is often dependent on weather conditions, economic
activity, generation and transmission challenges.“These critical services are needed over various time frames: voltage control at all times, frequency response in very small intervals from seconds to minutes, and various
flexibility resources to respond at varying speeds, from minutes to hours,” according to the Ontario Energy Board. Ontario Hydropower makes the use of other, far less predictable renewable energy options like solar and wind
energy onto the grid, thanks to its flexibility, resilience and availability. Many in the industry refer to it as the backbone of Canada’s non-emitting electricity system.

What Consumers Should Know About Ontario Hydro Rates

Current Electricity Rates were established by the Ontario Energy Board on Nov 1., 2021 and are separated into two categories: Time-of-Use (TOU) Price Periods and Tiered Thresholds.

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